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Top 4 Benefits of Using Custom Nail Polish Boxes


Nail Polish is a delicate makeup item for the ladies. The inner thick liquid is required to be stored in a strengthened small sized glass container that is transparent, showing the color or the nail polish and also strong enough to keep it safe. However, how strong the glass might be, it is still glass and is prone to damage from falls or sharp objects. To cover for that reason, beauty brands require custom nail polish boxes that will keep the glass containers safe even when fell down or in contact with sharp objects. Additionally, custom nail polish boxes have the ability to highlight the color of the nail polish appropriately while attracting the customers even more with their fancy printing and product descriptions. Here are the top benefits of using custom nail polish boxes.



1: Safety for the Product on the Shelf

When the nail polishes arrive at the retail stores, they are supposed to be stored on the shelves and displayed for selling purposes. When displayed naked, the containers in case they fall down because of misuse from the customers or the unfortunate incident while handling them by the staff, the glass tends to break open, leaking the liquid nail polish on the floor that can be a disaster to clean up as well because of the density and sticky nature of the liquid. Custom nail polish boxes are made from soft materials that absorb the impact of the fall and keep them safe under most circumstances while on the shelf in the retail stores.



2: Easy Storage at Home

When eventually the nail polish gets bought by the customers and gets taken to their homes, storing them might be a problem in houses that have children in them. Children tend to play with small sized things in a way that they end up breaking them. Nail polish containers being made from strong glass do tend to soak up some abuse but eventually, they will break creating a mess on the surface they are broken or get dragged to. To avoid this, custom nail polish boxes are specially designed with soft flexible material that absorbs most of the abuse and keeps the enclosed nail polishes safe and functional.



3: Matching Product Descriptions on Them

The other biggest advantage of these custom nail polish boxes is the brands’ ability to print exact matching product descriptions on the boxes, which makes it easy for the customers to know what they are buying. Customers can easily read the descriptions that have all the special attributes and characteristics of the nail polish itself and make their decisions based on that as well. The more modern consumers are more conscious than they have ever been and this is a good way to attract them by being transparent about what is the product made from.



4: Attractive Printing makes them Even More Attractive

The modern printing techniques have the tendency to make the whole package look far more attractive than it could be on its own. The superior color printers also give brands the option to print the exact color of the nail polish right on the outsides of the custom nail polish boxes and also give them so many attractive prints that the boxes on their own have some appeal to the customers. This way they have the ability to boost up sales by quite a lot and increase the revenues for the particular nail polish brand.



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